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5 Beautiful Aluminium Edging Ideas

AluFlex With Block Paving

Do you find it challenging to line up the edges of your garden, driveway, or walkway? That’s because you didn’t use the AluFlex edging!

When you renovate the ground, there are many things to consider, such as drainage, weed growth and ground support. In comparison, the edges don’t seem like a big deal. However, a clean and tidy edge will optimise the overall finish of the project.

AluFlex edging is an aluminium edging from Alusthetic. It comes in a body of 2 metres long that can be modified to curves due to its flexibility. The silver profile makes it look good pairing with different materials. Let’s look at 5 ideas that would go well with our aluminium edging!

1. Resin Bound Stone Pathway Edge

Resin bound stone is a finishing layer to create a lovely surface. You can have one mixture of colour for the whole ground or multiple combinations to create a cool pattern, like the image on the right. The AluFlex edging can help you map out your desired shape; then, all you need to do is apply the resin bound stone.

Applying 20mm of resin bound stone as the surface is recommended, which means an AluFlex19 edging with a height of 19mm is perfect.

Completed Resin Bound Stone Pattern Pathway With Membrane And EcoGrid

2. Block Paving Edge

Block paving walkways with plants at the side is a common combination for customers. Although the block paving has already shaped the edge, the AluFlex64 edging can keep the soil in place and prevent it from spreading onto the block paving surface. It would also match the block paving with a height of 64mm.

AluFlex With Block Paving

3. Garden Lawn Edge

If you also love those fine lawn edges, like us, AluFlex edging can help you to separate between two ground areas seamlessly. For the best result, we recommend using either AluFlex64 edging (64mm) or AluFlex102 edging (102mm), depending on the depth of the ground.

Garden With Patter Planter

Image credit: Nothingshota

4. Tree Pit Surround

When you have a tree that you don’t want to plant in a pot but want the tree pit to look good with the surrounding, you can use AluFlex64 edging to frame the tree pit.

Tree In A Pot On The Slab Floor

Image credit: Maria Orlova

5. Pebble Retention

Pebbles are probably the most exciting and annoying area to create. They are low maintenance; highly durable; and you can create different garden styles just by changing the type of pebbles. Yet, it can be troublesome to keep them in place. That’s where AluFlex64 edging can be handy with a height of 64mm.

Rock Garden

Image credit: Dragonhunter

Here is the specification for AluFlex19 and AluFlex64.




19 x 59 x 2000mm

64 x 57 x 2000m







We also have 76mm, 102mm and 150mm available. Please leave us an enquiry at for more information.

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