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5 Things to Consider when Choosing Threshold Drains

A poor drainage system at home has the potential to cause many problems including odour and even flooding. Choosing the right drainage for your garden is important. Now more than ever customers want something that is not only practical but also looks great too. We’ve put together a simple list of considerations to make sure you choose the right products for the job.

Here are 5 things to look out for when choosing your drains:

  1. Material – Steel has been the material of choice for years for its strength and versatility. However, it can be expensive and Steel is also vulnerable to corrosion when exposed to the elements. Our threshold drains are made from aluminium, making them long lasting, weather resistant and a more affordable option than steel.
  2. Weight limit – it is important to establish the strength of drainage cover required. A driveway for example, would need to be suitable for heavier loads than a back garden. Check the product specification before purchase to avoid a costly mistake!
  3. Maintenance – Can you maintain your threshold drain easily, are the covers removable? Over time threshold drainage can become clogged with leaves or debris. All of the Alusthetic covers can be easily removed for simple maintenance. We recommend lifting the them each year to remove any bits that may have built up and could prevent your drains from working efficiently.
  4. Accessibility – The traditional clay dish channel drains are not wheelchair or pram friendly, not to mention the trip hazards created by common drainage! The sleek profile of our aluminium threshold drains are smooth and stable under both foot and wheel.
  5. Aesthetic Accessories – Last but not least, we’ve noticed a huge increase in aesthetic being the leading factor for customers when designing their space. Make sure you can add corners, connectors and tee pieces in the same finish so your design flows as easily as the water!
Sliver Anodized Aluminium Profile

Sliver Anodized Aluminium Threshold drain

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