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AluFlex Edging and Resin Bound Stone

Applied Resin Bound Stone On The Gravel Filled EcoGrid And Shaped It With Edging

Have you ever walked into a premises and thought “Oh! This is a nice area.” ?

Other than the design of the building and the decoration around the site, the ground also plays a big role in creating a pleasant environment.

Alusthetic is dedicated to providing strong and sustainable decorative products to sectors like building and landscaping. So, you don’t have to compromise between practicality and aesthetics. AluFlex Edging might just be the solution for your project!

In this article, we would talk about:

  1. Elements of sustainable paving
  2. Reasons for decorative edging with resin bound paving
  3. Restriction
  4. Products mentioned

Elements Of Sustainable Paving

The first stage of construction is usually an assessment of the area, followed by other groundworks. Groundworks refer to all the preparation jobs prior to EcoGrid installation. That may include jobs like ground investigation, site clearing, ground stabilisation etc. A good sub-base is crucial for long-lasting and free draining paving.

AluFlex Edging can be fitted under the EcoGrid before it is filled with gravel. Alusthetic provides multiple depth options for the edging, ranging from 19-150mm. By using AluFlex Edging below EcoGrid, you will need the deeper 64mm edging. Whereas, using it for on top of the grid or as a stand along edge you can potentially use a shallower 19mm edging.

For more information about Ground Reinforcement Using EcoGrid.

Reasons For Decorative AluFlex Edging With Resin Bound Paving

After the ground has been nicely reinforced, it is time to be creative!

Resin Bound Stone gives you the option to choose your finished paving colour and gives you the opportunity to create custom shapes. Both businesses and domestic users commonly have Resin Bound Stone for driveways, pathways, and parking areas. Businesses also benefit from branding or creating a professional look, which leaves a good first impression for your customers or clients.

As well as that Resin Bound Stone is highly durable, low maintenance, permeable and more. Learn more about Resin Bound Stone.

Finished Ground Renovate Using AluFlex Edging And Resin Bound Stone
Result of using Aluminium Flexible Edging to create this wave separation and fill the surface with Resin Bound Stone.

AluFlex Edging has a slim profile yet is strong and flexible, making it easy to map out the design by manipulating it into your desired shape and securing it onto the ground using our Earth Pins so that you can focus on perfecting the installation and don’t need to worry about your shape shifting.

With Resin Bound Stone being a mixture of resin and refined aggregates, it will have a mouldable texture, similar to cement. Upon pouring the pre-mixed pliable resin bound stone on the ground, it will self-level to a certain extent, then use a resin trowel or power trowel to further level and mould it into shape. The AluFlex Edging will make sure you get a clean edge.


Due to Alusthetic Aluminium Edging’s and EcoGrid Resin Bound Stone’s weight-loading capacity, they won’t be suitable for areas with heavy vehicles driving through or parking, we recommend a maximum of cars and vans on a resin bound installation. If you are looking for an aesthetic profile for those areas, please check out EcoGrid Bloxx or EcoGrid Gravel Infills.

Products Mentioned

Alusthetic Aluminium Edging

The Aluminium flexible edging comes in 1m & 2m length with 5 different depths to choose from.

EcoGrid Permeable Paving Grid

EcoGrid offers a range of grids to suits different purposes based on the project.

To be used in conjunction with Resin Bound Stone, we recommend using EcoGrid E30, E40 and E40 XXL. The perfect install would be XXL in the main body of the area, utilising the smaller tiles of E40 on the edges where the bigger tiles are not as efficient.

Resin Bound Stone

Resin Bound Stone is permeable and strong with multiple colours available. By mixing the resin with different decorative aggregates to get various colour options.

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