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Open post Applied Resin Bound Stone On The Gravel Filled EcoGrid And Shaped It With Edging

AluFlex Edging and Resin Bound Stone

Have you ever walked into a premises and thought “Oh! This is a nice area.” ? Other than the design of the building and the decoration around the site, the ground also plays a big role in creating a pleasant environment. Alusthetic is dedicated to providing strong and sustainable decorative products to sectors like building...

Open post Alusthetic PVC Channel Installed With Grey Aluminium Grating In Rear Patio Garden

Threshold Drain Support

What do you know about Threshold Drains? Is that something you should have? Don’t worry, we are here to solve your puzzle. Threshold drainage is a drainage system, usually installed in the doorway, public pathway, or on a property. It collects and directs water to a different location to optimise the draining process. The slim...

Aluminium TSL Pro Line recessed manhole installed on wooden floor

Project: Interior Transformation

Welcome to our first blog post! Let’s start off with the aluminium manhole cover in action. An aluminium manhole cover is so far our top recommendation for interior uses. While getting a new manhole cover could be pricy at first, choosing a high-quality version from the beginning can ensure you get the long-lasting factor of...