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Silver Aluminium Threshold Drain At Jacuzzi Area

Project: Gardens Of Elegance Outdoor Spa

Are you still hesitant to install drainage in your garden because the drain looks ugly? Then your problem is solved!

Installing drainage around your garden and patio can significantly improve your garden maintenance experience, especially if your patio includes water activities, like a hot tub. This drainage solution was not popular due to its low visual quality. Those days are the past, my friend.

Many drainage products on the market have improved their design to make them more decorative and easier to install, like the Alusthetic threshold drain and manhole cover below.

Project Review

Gardens of Elegance has completed a garden project with different leisure activities introduced. The threshold drains were installed in the jacuzzi area for easy cleaning, and it looks good on the floor. In addition, the threshold drain gratings were levelled with the floor to avoid tripping.

Alusthetic aluminium recessed manhole cover was also used in this project. The same material as the surroundings were laid inside the cover to make it blend with the area. The installer had lined up the pattern within the manhole cover to make it look tidy and clean.

Aluminium Recessed Manhole Cover Closeup

Aluminium Threshold Drain

Aluminium threshold drain is an efficient drainage system that can help with water flow and prevent the drain from overflowing. It is mainly located at doorways or at the side of indoors and outdoors. The slim 65mm width body and all the accessories allow users to plan their drainage routes depending on their projects. Those accessories include corner Units, tee pieces, bottom connectors, and end caps.

There are four types of grating profile with stainless steel being the most recently option for even more applications.

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