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Aluminium Triple Sealed Manhole Cover With Slab Floor And Threshold Drain

Project: Hardy Paving Ltd Interior Job

Our manhole covers might not have been to space, but they are doing a pretty good job on Earth.

A manhole cover was launched to space in the 20th century and became the fastest object ever launched into space. So fast that it was only partially appeared in one frame, no one really cares (or know) what that manhole cover looks like.

But manhole covers are part of our life, we put them in our houses, patios, pathways etc. For this reason, Alusthetic aluminium recessed manhole covers are designed to be aesthetically appealing with features and benefits to fit our lifestyle.

Let’s have a look at some examples by going through today’s project, explain why the product is the good option, and what good combination goes with the manhole cover.

Project Review

Hardy Paving Ltd has recently completed a manhole cover job, using a Alusthetic aluminium Triple-Sealed TSL-Pro-Line recessed manhole cover. It is the most suitable manhole cover for this project due to its outstanding features and benefits, including a sealed and locking system to achieve odour and waterproof.

The recessed area allows our customer to place a layer of screed for stability, then lay materials on top to fit the surface with the rest of the floor. It feels a bit like camouflage.

Alusthetic Threshold Drain

Alusthetic Threshold Drain All Profiles

The aluminium profile has a very friendly colour of silver-white, which goes well with the majority of colours and materials. In this case, it complimented the light grey slab floor perfectly.

Other than the manhole cover, there is also a silver profile channel drain installed on the floor, which all works together nicely.

Alusthetic Threshold Drain also offers anodized aluminium in silver profile, as well as anodized aluminium in black profile and steel CorTen. The same range of profiles applies to all accessories too.

Find out What is Alusthetic Threshold Drain good for.