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Aluminium TSL Pro Line recessed manhole installed on wooden floor

Project: Interior Transformation

Welcome to our first blog post! Let's start off with the aluminium manhole cover in action.

An aluminium manhole cover is so far our top recommendation for interior uses. While getting a new manhole cover could be pricy at first, choosing a high-quality version from the beginning can ensure you get the long-lasting factor of the product. But then again, not everyone has the same needs. We always suggest the most suitable product for individual jobs.

Project Review

Our co-owners Sue and Al have installed a triple-sealed pro line aluminium recessed manhole cover at their new home.

The slim aluminium frame design creates an aesthetic look when laid next to the pattern wooden floor. Due to the manhole cover location, it is highly recommended to use a triple-sealed instead of double-sealed. This is because triple-sealed is designed to be screw tight. Locking the manhole cover on the floor in order to perform gas, odour, and waterproof.

Click here to view more aluminium manhole cover in different sizes.



Aluminium Manhole Cover Topping Finish

By using different types of material as the manhole cover topping, it can really set the tone of the atmosphere. At EcoGrid, we provide resin stone topping finish that could help with that. It is called Resin Bound Stone.

Although the majority of our customers use them on outdoor paving such as driveways and parking lots; resin bound stone can also be placed in manhole covers.

The amount per kit would be plenty to fill the manhole cover itself, and if you wish to cover the surface around the manhole cover. There are also different types of aggregate blends that go with our resins and formed a variety of colour options for you to choose from.