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Project: Manhole Cover Garden Pathway Improvement

Example of pairing two manhole covers together in a small place. Perfect consultation project if you also want a manhole cover in narrow areas.

We don’t really get to choose where to have our manholes, some locations could be a pain. With Alusthetic, we can solve that problem by providing loads of different manhole cover sizes for customers to mix and match. 

Project Review

For this project, our customer needs to install two manhole covers on a narrow pathway in the garden.

They picked the 300mm x 300mm and 450mm x 450mm aluminium recessed manhole under the double-sealed range.

Alusthetic recessed manhole cover has two seal options available, Double-sealed and Triple-sealed. Double-sealed is suitable for exterior uses, whereas triple-sealed is best for interior uses.

The manhole cover also has the right weight loading capacity for the foot traffic of this project.

Loading Application

Alusthetic’s aesthetic extruded aluminium double-sealed and triple-sealed recessed manhole covers are manufactured to the BS EN 124 standard. (This means that the manhole cover has been tested and classified to be safe to use for its purposes.)

They also have a mid-steel base for added strength with up to 75kN loading.

Understand more about All the Different Groups of Classifications.