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Project: Manhole Cover Matching Dark Tile Floor

The frame for a recessed manhole cover can set the tone for the cover, making it decorative for the interior layout. See for yourself!

The purpose of a recessed manhole cover is that we can make the manhole cover match the rest of the surface by laying down the same materials on the recessed manhole cover. The only thing we would be able to see from the manhole cover is its frame.

Despite most of the manhole cover body would be covered, its frame can still stand out, especially when it is not a good one or not a suitable style.

Alusthetic has that in mind and brought you an Aluminium Recessed Manhole Cover, the ultimate aesthetic pleasing and lightweight cover. It comes in 2 versions, a double-sealed and a triple-sealed with a locking system.

Project Review

In this project, our customer Julie purchased our double-sealed recessed manhole cover for an interior floor. The aluminium silvery-white frame goes very well with the dark tone tile floor and the metal profile gives it a high-end vibe, compared to materials like plastic.


We are very happy to hear that Julie was pleased with our service and the quality of the product. 

Our aluminium recessed manhole cover has an aesthetic profile that goes with most materials. Check out what it could look like with wood flooring.

Place Tiles To Recessed Manhole Cover

The floor should be prepared first and cut out the tiles needed for the manhole cover. Once all the tiles have been installed, then apply your tiles to the recessed manhole cover to match the pattern.

In this project, they did a very good job in lining up the pattern to continue from outside the cover frame to the inside. This makes the cover blend into the floor and stands out less.

Sometimes, the way the pattern was laid will end up having a small piece that needs cutting and applying to the recessed manhole cover.

Please pay extra attention to getting the angle correct while cutting because it will affect the pattern and make the result appear less tidy.


Both double-sealed and triple-sealed are manufactured of high quality. The difference is that triple-sealed has an extra seal and can be locked with screws. 

While you are choosing between them, you should consider if the screed layer is enough to hold the cover in place, or whether screw-locking is more secure for your project.

Check out what sizes are available to purchase for double-sealed and triple-sealed aluminium recessed manhole covers.