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Alusthetic Aluminium TSL40 Recessed Cover Installed On Wooden Floor

Project: Vision Contracts Ltd Interior Manhole Cover

Who says a manhole cover has to be heavy?

There are so many different manhole covers in the market, manufactured in a variety of materials for different purposes. Some examples of materials being used to make manhole covers are cast and ductile iron, galvanised steel, polypropylene, concrete etc.

Depending on the material and size, it can be quite heavy at times. The weight is perfect if you are covering a manhole on the road where vehicles will drive over it, but less useful for interior jobs. Just feels a little unnecessary.

It is time for Aluminium Recessed Manhole Covers to shine!

Project Review

Our client for this project, Vision Contracts Ltd has done an amazing job on the manhole cover installation.

The aluminium frame blends with the wooden floor very well creating this aesthetic look. Having a recessed cover gives the customer freedom to fill any materials that suit their needs.

Out of the two versions of aluminium recessed manhole covers, Vision Contracts Ltd installed the Triple-Sealed TSL-Pro-Line 40 to cover their manhole located indoors, also known as Ultra-Thin Aluminium Recessed Manhole Cover with the clear opening size being 21mm in depth.

Despite the shallow depth, the manhole cover is still very sturdy due to the mild steel base and the reinforcement mesh provided in the cover. Additionally, the Triple-Sealed is screw sealed and locking on all four corners to achieve odour and waterproofing.

Aluminium Triple-Sealed Recessed Manhole Cover Features:

Alusthetic Aluminium TSL40 Recessed Cover Installed On Wooden Floor 1

Mortar Advice

In order to place the manhole cover, you need to have or make a recess in the ground, so the cover is level with or slightly lower than the finished floor. Then you can mortar the frame in place.

As shown in the picture on the right, remove the lid and apply the mortar underneath the frame, so it doesn’t matter if it looks ugly, as long as the frame is secured. 

Make sure the frame is levelled with the finished floor so the cover won’t stick out.

Mortar The Aluminium Cover To Secure The Frame In Place

All images credit: Vision Contracts Ltd