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Unlikely Game Changers: When Access Covers Stole the Spotlight

Practice paused while the manhole covers are inspected, Las Vegas F1
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While we often celebrate the incredible athleticism and drama in sports, there are those rare moments when unexpected elements steal the spotlight. One such unconventional game changer? Access Covers. The Las Vegas Grand Prix recently hit the headlines as their practice was halted due to, yes you guessed it, an access cover! The loose cover caused damage to cars and huge delays whilst officials inspected the other covers on the track. But this isn’t the first time access covers have caused problems…

Singapore Grand Prix 2017: Formula 1’s Unplanned Pit Stop

In the world of Formula 1, precision is key. However, during the 2017 Singapore Grand Prix, a loose drain cover decided to add an unexpected twist. In a practice session, one car fell victim to a partially raised manhole cover, leading to a session cancellation. The incident not only left the team scrambling for repairs but also sparked safety concerns among drivers and organisers.

Rio Olympics 2016: The Triathlon Tumble

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro were nothing short of spectacular, but the triathlon faced an unexpected hurdle. As cyclists maneuvered through the course, a loose manhole cover decided to make its presence felt. The result? A series of crashes, punctured tires, and a temporary halt to the race. Athletes, including those leading the pack, found themselves at the mercy of a seemingly innocuous metal cover. It was a stark reminder that even the grandeur of the Olympics can be momentarily derailed by something as mundane as a loose access cover.

They should have gone to Alusthetic

Investing in good quality access covers is more than just a practicality—it’s a key component of a safe and well-maintained environment. One of the primary reasons for having quality access covers is ensuring safety. A securely installed and durable cover prevents accidents and injuries by keeping curious hands, pets, or even unsuspecting people from accidentally tripping or falling into uncovered openings. A well-designed manhole cover also acts as a barrier against unpleasant odours that might emanate from sewage systems or drains.

Alusthetic aluminium recessed access covers are aesthetically appealing and engineered to provide odour and waterproof cover options for interior or exterior use. They are used where quality and aesthetics are paramount and are much more cost-effective than stainless steel.  

There are two versions with the Double Sealed DS-Line being odour and waterproof and self-secure by the weight of the infill. The triple Sealed TSL-Pro-Line is odour and waterproof and locked in the corners with four screws. The aluminium is 99.9% pure, with high-grade EPDM seals and stainless-steel screws. The base is mild steel for added strength with up to 75kN loading.

In Summary

While access covers disrupting sports events may sound like a plot twist from a quirky sports movie, these incidents serve as reminders that in the grand scheme of maintenance, the importance of good access covers often goes unnoticed. However, these unassuming features contribute significantly to safety and cleanliness both publicly and domestically. Alusethic offer a practical, aesthetic and affordable solution to all access cover problems!

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