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Alusthetic AluFlex Edging

The Alusthetic AluFlex System is easy to fit and provides a professional finish to any installation, ideal for resin bound stone, gravel and grass fill applications. The Alusthetic AluFlex Aluminium Edging System comes in 2-metre lengths, complete with joints and earth nails. Each length is joined to the next with an AluFlex aluminium jointer which slots into the back of each length, creating seamless profiles. The Alusthetic AluFlex Edge can fit under permeable paving grids or as a stand-alone edging. 

Available Sizes

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The 19mm AluFlex Edge with a thickness of 1.8mm, sits on the EcoGrid permeable paving system for resin bound stone to create patterns or help shape lawns.

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The 64mm AluFlex Edge with a thickness of 3.5mm, is ideal for resin bound stone installations that need a sturdy, aesthetic single edge profile.

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Earth Nail

This pin is 250mm long, use in conjunction with our AluFlex Aluminium Edging System to help secure the edge on the ground.

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More Available Versions

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Product Details

Available SizesAluFlex 19The AluFlex 64
Dimensions19mm(H) x 59mm(W) x 2000mm(L)64mm(H) x 57mm(W) x 2000mm(L)
More available versions76mm, 102mm, 150mm

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