Aluminium Flexible Edging

AluFlex Aluminium Flexible Edge

The Alusthetic AluFlex system is easy to fit and provides a professional finish to any EcoGrid installation, making it deal for resin bound stone, gravel and grass fill applications.

The Alusthetic AluFlex Aluminium Edging System comes in 2 metre lengths, complete with joints and earth nails. Each length is joined to the next with an AluFlex aluminium jointer which slots into the back of each length, creating seamless profiles. The Alusthetic Aluflex Edge can fit under the EcoGrid permeable grids or edging.

The 19mm AluFlex sits on the EcoGrid permeable paving system for resin bound stone to create patterns or help shape lawns. The 64mm Edge is ideal for resin bound stone installations that need a sturdy, aethetic single edge profile. It can also be used for border edging, sedum green roof edges and sub-base retention.


Available Sizes AluFlex 19 The AluFlex 64
Dimensions 19mm(H) x 59mm(W) x 2000mm(L) 64mm(H) x 57mm(W) x 2000mm(L)
Thickness 1.8mm 3.5mm
Weight 0.37kg 0.8kg
More available versions 76mm, 102mm, 150mm

Aluflex Aluminium edge system is ideal for:

Resin bound stone installations that need a sturdy aesthetic single edge profile, this would be the Aluflex 64mm edge
The 19mm edge sits on Ecogrid permeable base system for resin bound stone to create patterns and shapes
Lawn Aluminium edging
Border edging
Sedum green roof tray edging to create a clean, sturdy front face
Ecogrid grid system and sub-base retention, this would be the Aluflex 150mm system

Earth Nail Edging Pins

This pin is designed for use in conjunction with our AluFlex Aluminium Edging System to help secure the edge on the ground.

Length250mm (long)
Available inPacks of 10, 20 and 50

     AluFlex With Earth Nail

AluFlex Aluminium Flexible Edge Is Available To Buy Now

Our AluFlex Aluminium Flexible Edges are stocked throughout the UK, within wide quantities to cater for your current and upcoming projects – see below;

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