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Aluminium Recessed Access Covers

outside installation

A beautiful
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A wide range of sizes are available with clear opening from as small as 150mm x 150mm (can be used as surface boxes) and up to 1000mmx10000mm, Two standard depths of 60mm and 80mm are offered with 100mm and 40mm also available. All covers come equipped with suitable lifting keys.

Alusthetic covers are aesthetically appealing and engineered to provide odour and waterproof cover options for interior or exterior use. They are used where quality and aesthetics are paramount and are much more cost-effective than stainless steel.  

There are two versions with the Double Sealed DS-Line being odour and waterproof and self-secure by the weight of the infill. The triple Sealed TSL-Pro-Line is odour and waterproof and locked in the corners with four screws. The aluminium is 99.9% pure, with high-grade EPDM seals and stainless-steel screws. The base is mild steel for added strength with up to 75kN loading.


Most sizes are held in stock in our UK warehouse for swift delivery. Items not held in stock can be with you in 3 to 4 weeks from order (including bespoke sizes)

Alusthetic Access Covers

Featuring Two Ranges

Double Sealed DS Line
Triple Sealed TSL Pro Line2

Weight Loading, Applications & Installation

Aluminium recessed manhole cover weight loading/size capacity grid


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Due to continuing product development we reserve the right to alter product specification without prior notice.  

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