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Indoor Manholes – How to make yours more than just a metal box

interior manhole cover

Exterior manholes get a lot of airtime, they’re a detail that can really elevate a design. But what about the interior? Most manhole covers on the market are bulky and cast iron, they’re designed for outdoor use and need to withstand different weather conditions plus potentially heavy loads. When it comes to indoor manholes, aesthetic is a massive factor in choosing the right cover, after all nobody really wants an ugly metal box stuck in the floor! The right cover should be thin and discreet yet sturdy and well-sealed to ensure waterproofing, it should also be recessed to allow for the desired flooring to be added.

What is a recessed manhole cover?

A recessed manhole cover is an open tray that conceals a manhole in your chosen flooring. It is designed to provide safe and functional access to drains and sewers without compromising on aesthetic. These covers are also popular for gardens and are commonly used with resin-bound gravel or block paving. It’s indoors where these covers really shine though with wood, laminate and lino taking centre stage!

Our recommendation

We recommend the Alusthetic Aluminium Recessed Manhole Cover, a lightweight and screw tight cover available in 10 different sizes. This model has a mild steel base with reinforcement mesh for extra strength and security. For indoor use we favour the triple sealed model, this is screw sealed and locked on all four corners with an additional grit seal to prevent any debris between the cover and frame. This also ensures it is fully waterproof and odour proof to prevent any nasty drain smells creeping indoors!

And there we have it… by recessing your manhole cover you can create a seamless and discreet floor with no metal boxes in sight!

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