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Triple Sealed TSL-Pro-Line Recessed Manhole Covers

triple layer
Product Features
Extruded aluminium frame and easy to open
The cover is odour and waterproof
Recommended for interior & exterior applications
Lifting keys and reinforcement mesh
Featuring two high-grade EPDM seal and a ‘T-rubber’ seal on the side of frame
Locked with stainless steel socket head screws
Lifting holes covered with plastic caps

The Alusthetic TSL-Pro-Line range of recessed manhole covers are triple-sealed and locking, featuring a highly aesthetic extruded aluminium construction. They are up to 75kN load-bearing and manufactured to BS: EN124 standard.

An odour and waterproof aluminium cover screwed onto the outer frame and featuring three seals: two at the base and a ‘T-rubber’ seal built in to the side of the outer frame. This unique ‘T’ seal provides an additional odour barrier, elasticity to avoid tension between the recessed over and frame, and the prevention of dirt between the cover and frame. 

Triple Sealed Aluminium Recessed Cover Diagram
Triple Sealed TSL Pro Line2

TSL-Pro-Line Size Range


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